Brass barrels have been very popular since the Japanese company Clipper, introduced them. Clipper concentrated on IJN, RN and USN guns of World War Two. NNT has produced 11-Inch and 12-Inch guns of World War One. H-P Models has started placing brass barrels in some of their newer kits. However, all of these products are in 1:700 scale.

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L'Arsenal has crashed through the scale barrier. Jacques Druel of L'Arsenal has been extremely busy in producing super-detailed parts in 1:350 scale. Universally, these parts have been of exceptional quality. Now L'Arsenal has gone even farther with the introduction of brass barrels for 1:350 scale models.

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The pack, designated AC350-23 in the line of super-detail sets, contains ten brass barrels for five-inch/38 enclosed gun mounts. The barrels do have bored-out muzzles. With one pack of ten, you can have brass barrels on two USN destroyers (pre-Sumner/Gearing) or an Essex Class carrier model. Of course for a fast battleship or most late war cruisers, you will need more than one pack. Whatever your choice, this set of 1:350 brass barrels should be a very good seller for L'Arsenal.