Whatever ship you are building, more than likely it has its share of inclined ladders. In 1:350 scale resin kits invariably come with the inclined ladders as part of an included photo-etch set. However, it is a different story with injection plastic kits. 

The classic 1:350 scale line-up of warships from Tamiya don't contain photo-etch and the new Trumpeter offerings, although the contain a small set of photo-etch, the included inclined ladders lack handrails. Maybe you don't want to buy a photo-etch set dedicated to a specific 1:350 scale plastic kit and just want inclined ladders and railing. Or maybe you want to upgrade the photo-etch inclined ladders that did come with your resin kit. Either way, L'Arsenal has a product that should be of some interest. AC350-10 from L'Arsenal is a two fret set of accommodation ladders and inclined ladders. The parts are of excellent quality and offer a wide selection pf ladder styles. 

Accommodation Ladder Fret & Instructions
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One fret has three accommodation ladders. Not only do these parts have open grate platforms, but also there is top railing and the platform includes the lifting frame. The second, larger fret contains an additional three accommodation ladders of the same type found on the smaller fret and six specific types of inclined ladder. AC350-10 provides four 7-step inclined ladders; six 8-step inclined ladders; six 10-step inclined ladders; two 12-step inclined ladders; five 14-step inclined ladders and five narrow foot-rung type inclined ladders. The ladders themselves are of different runner designs and off course all come with finely done handrails. 

Inclined Ladders Fret
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With AC350-10 L'Arsenal provides items that are often overlooked, inclined ladders as well as accommodation ladders. These brass designs are first rate and are equally suitable to equip a 1;350 plastic injected kit or as replacements for photo-etch parts that are less aesthetically endowed. Either way, you can't go wrong with L'Arsenal.