Well, it is not June 6 but it is still June. Time to ramp up, or in this case ramp down your amphibious assault. Are you going to send your jarheads to the beach in scows. Let them ride to battle in the very best. L'Arsenal has released its new five boat LCVP set in 1:350 scale, L'Arsenal Set #350-03. Each boat contains two resin and seven brass parts.

Resin Parts
LCVP1102resin.JPG (87703 bytes) LCVP1106boats.JPG (74679 bytes) LCVP1107plan.JPG (78072 bytes)
LCVP1108pro.JPG (62313 bytes) LCVP1109truepro.JPG (61727 bytes) LCVP114sadia.JPG (78709 bytes)
LCVP1110padia.JPG (58865 bytes) LCVP1111pfdia.JPG (73657 bytes) LCVP1112sfdia.JPG (73370 bytes) LCVP1115pitdet.JPG (76109 bytes)
LCVP1116treaddet.JPG (48834 bytes) LCVP1105ramps.JPG (62460 bytes) LCVP1103ext.JPG (83622 bytes) LCVP1104int.JPG (111337 bytes)

Resin parts consist of the five boat hulls with detailed cockpits,  support ribbing & deck treadway and five extraordinarily detailed bow ramps.

Brass Photo-Etched Parts
LCVP1097pe.JPG (165394 bytes) LCVP1099pedet.JPG (89395 bytes)
LCVP1100keeldet.JPG (88396 bytes) LCVP1098pedet.JPG (139465 bytes) LCVP1101mgdet.JPG (94577 bytes)

Brass parts consist of keel with rudder, propeller, two machine guns, two gun shields and helm for each of the five boats. All resin and brass parts are of the highest quality.

Box & Instructions
LCVP1096box.JPG (83502 bytes) LCVP1117Inst1.JPG (44630 bytes)
LCVP1118Inst1a.JPG (51522 bytes) LCVP1119Inst1b.JPG (103742 bytes) LCVP1095pack.JPG (93447 bytes)