The greatest menace the the United States Navy towards the end of World War Two was Japanese aircraft, primarily the Kamikaze. As part of the solution the USN installed AA systems on their warships, big and small. An integral part of the system was the AA gun director, which allowed more than one battery to concentrate on a single target. The Mk 51 AA director could be found on almost every warship in the fleet at the end of the war. This small, visually operated system, played a significant role in reducing the threat of Kamikazes. Since it was visually operated, its main drawback was its very limited capability at night.

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L'Arsenal now produces super-detailed Mk 51s in 1:350 scale. They are available in packs of ten. Included are the resin main body, brass photo-etch detailing and instructions. There are none better in the marketplace at this time.