Do you insist that your models be as accurate as possible?  Perhaps you would wish to have a more realistic method of securing your rigging to your model other than gluing the rigging to the mast, yard or bulkhead. Now there is a product that addresses these issues. L'Arsenal has produced a stainless steel fret that provides the answers. Set AC 350-29 provides rigging rings, eye bolts, for models in 1:350 to 1:400 scale.

With AC 350-29 L'Arsenal provides two identical frets. Each fret provides two types of rigging rings. Type A includes a base bolt and is for placement on decks or superstructure. Type B is of a slightly different design that uses tabs. This type is for attachment to masts and yards. On each fret L'Arsenal provides 74 Type A and 31 Type B rings.

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