L'Arsenal has long been known as one of the leading producers of multimedia models and super-detail parts to augment scratch-built kits and the models produced by other manufacturers. This item is a package of super-detail parts for the Bofors twin 40mm AA gun tubs in 1:350 scale. Although quadruple mounts were often seen on aircraft carriers and battleships, the twin 40mm guns could also be found on some of the larger ships and further were the prime AA positions, other than the 5-inch/38 for almost all USN destroyer classes. With L'Arsenal set AC350-16, you receive six resin gun tubs for the twin mount. However, it is in the included photo-etch fret where the detail is really laid on. There are eighteen rings of ammunition racks for the inside face of the gun tubs. Each tub receives three such rings layered one above the other, but that is not all. L'Arsenal also provides eighteen straight runs of ammunition racks for attachment to flat surfaces. If you wish to add all the detail possible in your gun tubs for your twin Bofors mounts, this set is an essential requirement for your 1:350 shipyard.

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