Battleships, cruisers, carriers, destroyers ... almost all types of warships of the USN in World War Two had the 5-Inch/25 HA gun mounted for the heavy antiaircraft ordnance. Modelers have incessantly sought a replacement of this gun for a wide variety of plastic and resin kits in 1:350 scale. L'Arsenal has now responded with L'Arsenal set AC350-36. This resin and photo-etch brass set includes four 5-Inch/25 open mount guns of the highest quality. Each gun consists of two resin parts and seven brass parts. Resin parts are the mount and barrel. Brass parts are the right side railing, left side railing, one fuse setters seat, two aimers' seats and two aimers' hand wheels. The resin parts are of the finest quality with no defects, although there is some light flash to be removed. As with other L'Arsenal products, any modeler will be highly pleased with this new product.

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