What are you going to do with those plastic catapults on the Trumpeter 1:350 scale San Francisco? Plastic just does not cut is when it comes to replicating steel lattice work. Sure, there are some excellent photo-etch kits out there where the catapult is replaced. Using any of them would be far superior than the plastic parts in the kit. Then there is the L'Arsenal USN Cruiser Catapults Set 1:350 scale, AC350-39. With this set you get not only the catapults in highly detailed photo-etch, but also the turntables, ducts and pistons in highly detailed resin to further enhance the three-dimensional look.

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L'Arsenal provides two catapults in this set, which is good for one cruiser, unless you choose to model a cruiser after it landed one its catapults near the end of the war. The photo-etch has exquisite relief-etching with the anti-skid deck pattern on the top of the cat and the rivet pattern on the sides. The catapult platform has the perforated deck to get the right look for your Frisco. The aircraft cradles are included in the set. However, it is probably the inclusion of the resin parts that set these catapults apart. The inclusion of these resin parts allow the L'Arsenal cats to go beyond photo-etch in presenting a three-dimensional appearance.

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