Some weeks ago I finished my Loose Cannon USS Midway kit. I built her as USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 as the ship looked like in 1946 in the Mediterranean . Overall I agree that it is a great and fantastic kit of a big carrier. But the LCP Midway has some minor problems. The plastic flight deck has nice details but the wrong details. It looks more like a modern flight deck on a CV. I have studied several photographs of the flight deck from the years 1945-1947 and the deck looks totally different. I added some photographs of this appearance. The other point, which caused confusion for me was the painting guide. Midway was up to the end of 1946 painted in a dark navy blue but never in a two-tone scheme, the same for F.D.R. No one can confirm for me the Ms. 12 or Ms.22 as it is shown in the painting instructions for the LC kit. I decided to paint my F.D.R. in a neutral haze grey. Every photograph I have found shows the ship in this scheme.

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Christoph Mentzel
Alsdorf , Germany

  (Editorís Note: The Loose Cannon Midway kit has scribed catapult lines but the rest of the deck features tie-down points and not tie down strips as found in the earlier USN unarmored deck carriers. The two color photographs sent by Christoph seem to verify the existence of tie-down points on the early flight deck. However, there are no length-wise panel lines on the kitís flight deck, as shown in the photographs.)

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