This is a prototype for a LCVP accessory pack in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal. Also, L'Arsenal plans to include these in future Cannon Class DEs, converted to APDs, that will be released in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal. The Cannon Class kits will have plastic hulls/major parts with resin and photo-etched brass detail parts.

LCVP7096pro.JPG (83077 bytes) LCVP7094plan.JPG (94316 bytes) LVVP7098angle.JPG (78126 bytes)

If you take a look at the photographs of this LCVP, you will find remarkable detail. Treadways are part of the deck in each casting. You get two resin pieces (Hull and ramp) and eight brass pieces (Keel, propeller, 50 cal MG x2, MG shield x2, boat's wheel x2). 

LCVP7101PE.JPG (165897 bytes) LCVP7102unit.JPG (127822 bytes)