Within the last year a lot of new 1:700 scale kits of the Bismarck and Tirpitz have been released. For Atlantic action the Kriegsmarine could use new barrels for the Bismarck class battleships. Lion Roar produces a set of brass barrels that will definitely enhance your Bismarck and Tirpitz. Included in Lion Roar set LE700021 are eight brass barrels and a brass fret of turret details. Of course the muzzles for these replicas of the 15-inch guns are already bored-out.

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Bis4589bar.JPG (24812 bytes) Bis4588bar.JPG (38232 bytes) Bis4579fret.JPG (35878 bytes) Bis4580fretD.JPG (19838 bytes)
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The brass photo-etched fret included in this set contains 28 parts. As with the barrel set by Lion Roar for the Yamato class LE700020, the photo-etch parts provide additional details for the ship’s turrets. Twenty of the parts are sliding observation shutters. Eight of these are for shutters that protected the front faces of the ends of the turret mounted range finders. The other 12 provide 4 open and 12 closed shutters for the front faces of the turrets. The other eight parts are inclined ladders for the sides of the turrets. This set along with the entire Lion Roar line is in stock at Georgetown Hobbies.