World War Two, Korean War, Vietnamese War, and Gulf War span almost half a century in time and yet only one class of capital ship appeared in all four wars. No, the Essex class made it through three but not the Gulf War and the Midways missed WWII. Only the Iowa class battleships had at least one of the class see active service in all four wars. In 1:700 scale the Iowa class has made appearances in many versions from World War Two to the late 1980s. Radar, superstructure, aircraft complement, light AA may have changed but they always had their 16-inch/50 main armament. Whether your Iowa class will be tackling the Yamato or pounding ground positions, you will need your big guns. Lion Roar has produced a new set of brass gun barrels for the Iowa class, set LE700022. As with the other barrels produced by Lion Roar, the gun muzzles are bored out.

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Iowa4602bar.JPG (32681 bytes) Iowa4605bar.JPG (26089 bytes) Iowa4604muz.JPG (19172 bytes)
Iowa4599fret.JPG (31984 bytes) Iowa4601fretD.JPG (24933 bytes) Iowa4600fretD.JPG (23743 bytes) Iowa4607inst.JPG (14211 bytes)

Lion Roar also supplies a brass photo-etch fret with the Iowa barrels. This fret contains six floater net baskets. These baskets are perforated and two are mounted on the top rear face of each turret. The Lion Roar set of Iowa barrels is available from Georgetown Hobbies.