Are you going to build a 1:700 scale Yamato or Mushashi? With the retooled kits now available, the biggest of battleships makes an attractive project. What about barrels? Sure you can use the plastic ones that come with the kit but if you want a real treat, consider the new product of brass barrels from Lion Roar for the Yamato Class in 1:700 scale, set LE700020. Brass barrels have been around for some time but with the barrels from Lion Roar you get an added bonus, a photo-etch fret. First look at the barrels. The Lion Roar barrels have the triple bands near the blast bags and the very slight flare at the muzzle. What is more, the muzzles are hollow. There is no need to paint them black to merely represent the bore, as the bore is there on each barrel.

Yam4549pack.JPG (8929 bytes) Yam4550label.JPG (20442 bytes) Yam4551brass.JPG (29709 bytes)
Yam4559bar.JPG (28641 bytes) Yam4560bar.JPG (23512 bytes) Yam4561bar.JPG (25847 bytes) Yam4554fret.JPG (23065 bytes)
Yam4555fretD.JPG (21183 bytes) Yam4558fretD.JPG (19347 bytes) Yam4556fretD.JPG (17798 bytes) Yam4562inst.JPG (16296 bytes)

Lion Roar is different because they also include a brass photo-etch fret of turret fittings for the main gun turrets of the Japanese behemoths. There are six perforated platforms found on the fret. Two were found on each of the three turrets with one under each outboard gun and none under the three center guns. There are six different types of railing for the turret crowns of each, plus vertical ladder for the turret front face. The Lion Roar Yamato brass barrel set, as well as other Lion Roar and Voyager detail sets, are available from Georgetown Hobbies