Do you have the 1:350 scale model of HMS Hood by Trumpeter? Are you happy with the botched turrets in that kit? Are you happy having no blast bags on those turrets? Don't want the Hood super set for the kit from Lion Roar, LE350005? (click for a review of the Lion Roar Hood Set) Perhaps you prefer one of the other excellent sets of brass photo-etch for the Trumpeter Hood and don't want to buy the Lion Roar set just for the resin turrets and brass barrels. Since the Lion Roar set is the most expensive of the brass sets for the model, perhaps you would like to get replacement turrets but don't want the rest of the set. No matter your reason Lion Roar has now made it possible to get the resin replacement turrets and brass 15-inch Mk I brass barrels. Lion Roar set LE350007 has one convenient package that contains just the resin replacement turrets with range finders and brass main gun barrels. These are the same parts as found in the Lion Roar full detail set for the Hood

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Have you compared the turrets in your Trumpeter Hood kit with photographs of the turrets on the Hood? If so, youíll see why Lion Roar included resin replacement turrets with this set. The most obvious omission on the plastic turrets is the lack of blast bags. With no blast bags on the plastic parts, youíll have to use putty, foil or some other concoction to replicate this classic feature of Royal Navy capitol ships. Not only are they present on the Lion Roar resin turrets but they really do capture the sag and lines of this feature. Another significant item missing from the Trumpeter turrets is the vision port. On the front face of each turret are three square vision ports. These are present on the Lion Roar turrets. There is a third discrepancy corrected by Lion Roar. When I examined the resin turrets, I quickly noticed a feature that I had not noticed before. At the bottom of each angle in the turret armor, there was a small inverted V slanting inward. These are not present on the plastic turrets. If you have The Battlecruiser Hood by John Roberts in the Anatomy of the Ship series, examine the turrets in the photographs found on pages 27, 31, and 34. The inverted Vís are there. If you have the Hood volume in the Ensign series, check the photographs on pages 24, 36, 37, 38, 44, 49 and the back cover. For those with Profile Morskie #63 on the Hood, check the photographs on pages 4, 32 and 33. Included with the resin turrets are resin range finders attached at the back of the turret crowns. 

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As with other Lion Roar 1:350 scale sets, a full set of barrels is provided. Unlike the full set LE350005, no secondary gun barrels are provided. At first glance you may wonder why these brass barrels appear shorter than the plastic barrels in the kit. The answer is simple, they are designed to be used with the resin turrets provided in this set, not the plastic turrets in the kit. You really canít use the Lion Roar 15-inch barrels with the Trumpeter turrets. The barrels are hollow at the muzzle, show the barrel liner and have the muzzle flare found on this piece of ordnance.

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If you just want replacement turrets and brass barrels to replace the goofs included in the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Hood kit, Lion Roar has addressed your need. Lion Roar set LE350007 includes just the resin main gun turrets and brass barrels to replace the plastic caricature items in the Trumpeter kit. Now you can use any manufacturer's brass photo-etch detail set for the kit and still get replacement turrets and barrels from Lion Roar without buying their full detail set.