Instead of building the new Hasegawa Akagi in her original three flight deck fit, perhaps you wish to build her in her classic role as Admiral Nagumo's flagship from the strike on Pearl Harbor to her destruction at the Battle of Midway. If so, you'll want more aircraft for Akagi, or any other carrier in the early war period. Lion Roar has now gone into injected plastic as a medium. They started out as a photo-etch company and then added resin replacement parts. With Lion Roar set L70002 the company has jumped to injected plastic for 1:700 IJN carrier aircraft for the early period of the Second World War. In this set you get six each of the Type 21 Mitsubishi Zero, Type 97 Nakajima Kate, and Type 99 Aichi Val. Each of the aircraft come with plastic parts including ordnance as well as photo-etch parts. 

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For the Zero you get plastic fuselage, wings, propeller spinner, bombs, and extra fuel tank with brass propeller, landing gear and wheels. For the Kate you get plastic fuselage, wings, propeller spinner, torpedo and bomb for level bombing, with brass propeller, landing gear and wheels. For the Val the plastic parts are the fuselage, wings, magnificently funky fixed spat landing gear, spinner and bomb and brass propellers. A complete set of decals rounds out the presentation. For 1:700 scale, the detail on these gems is amazing. Now your IJN early war flight decks can be adorned with more glitter and beauty than the Oscar presentations in Hollywood.

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