Shanghai LionRoar Art Model Ltd. is a Chinese firm specializing in after market parts. A visit to their website ( shows that they primarily specialize in aircraft and armor detail sets. The detail set for the Banner Arizona is their first venture into ship details.

The set arrived in a nicely illustrated box. Inside were 6 sheets of photo-etch (4 large, 2 small), 4 cast metal ships boats and 8 pages of instructions. The instructions are in Chinese but the diagrams are complete enough that an experienced modeler won't have much trouble figuring out where the photo-etch goes.

The boats are 1 3/4" (51' in 1/350) and 1 3/8" (40' in 1/350) respectively. The castings are a bit crude and the larger two appear to be slightly asymmetrical but they beat making the boats from scratch.

Boats2a.JPG (128143 bytes) Boatsa.jpg (125290 bytes)

The brass is somewhat softer and more malleable that that provided by Toms, GMM and White Ensign. All the usual ladders, cranes, hatches, railings etc. are provided. I don't have any other detail sets for Arizona available to me to make a direct comparison but the details appear to be somewhat less crisp than those of the aforementioned manufacturers, particularly the handrails. One nice touch is the provision of overlays for the troublesome 'Revell-Style' horizontally split bulkheads on the O-2 and O-3 levels.

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Perusal of the instructions showed that one page (page 3) was missing. The box art and a number of diagrams suggest that there should have been some resin parts included most notably replacement turrets with individual 14" barrels and bloomers. There was no resin in the set that I received and I have no idea, where in the import chain, these parts disappeared.

LionRoarInst6.jpg (72712 bytes) Page2a.jpg (75879 bytes) Page4a.jpg (52427 bytes)
Page5a.jpg (61195 bytes) Page6a.jpg (65105 bytes) Page7a.jpg (66969 bytes) Page8a.jpg (60675 bytes)

In summary, this set may prove to be a nice supplement to one of the other detail sets currently available for the Banner Arizona but I doubt if most serious modelers would be satisfied to use it as their sole source of added details. I paid $28 on e-Bay...without the resin parts it probably isn't worth that much. On the other hand, when I finally get around to building this kit I'm glad that I won't have to hassle with those #$%^@ split bulkheads!

Joel Labow