The United States Navy built YC series barges since the turn of the 19th century. The YC barges designated open non-propelled lighters. For the first part of the century most YC barges transported coal, the bulky fuel that powered all of the warships before the advent of fuel oil. As the navy grew, more and more barges were needed because of the huge volume of coal needed to feed the hungry battleships, as well as smaller ships. 

 After the coming of fuel oil and conversion of the ships to that form of fuel, the navy no longer needed hundreds of coal barges and other uses were found. Some became concrete barges and others became accommodation barges with a structure added to the originally open barge. 

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The second set of 1:700 scale barges by Lion Roar includes two YC barges, YC-293 and YC-755. Both barges are as they were fitted for World War Two and no longer needed to lug coal. With both barges photographs can be found in the Navsource website, which also gives a good idea of colors with black hull and natural weathered galvanized metal superstructure. YC-293 was an accommodation barge with windows running along the sides. YC-293 on January 12, 1943 can be seen at .

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The second barge included in the YC set is YC-755. YC-755 was also used as an accommodation barge but didn't get the windows as received by YC-293.  Instead of a run of windows each side has two large door opening with twin sliding doors as well as roof openings allowing ships cranes to remove palleted cargos from inside the barge. Navsource as two good photographs of YC-755 at Ulithi in 1944, while being used as an accommodation barge but in cargo barge configuration. A bow/stern photograph is found at and a broadside view at . Navsource lists the dimensions of YC-755 as 110-feet in length, 35-feet in beam and a draft of 8-feet. Displacement was 120-tons light or 590-tons loaded with cargo. 

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Lion Roar Barge Set Two provides the modeler with accommodation barges for dioramas but in two decidedly different configurations. YC-293 appears as a dwelling with a long series of standard building windows. However, YF-755 still has the appearance of a cargo barge, even though it was used at Ulithi for berthing. Either way Lion Roar provides excellent resin and stainless steel relief-etched photo-etch.