Belgian Navy Minesweeper Lobelia M921 Walk Around. - During September 2009 New York City celebrated the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudsonís arrival in what is now New York Harbor .  Hudson ís ship, the Half Moon, sailed north along what the river that would bear his name in search of a northeast passage only to arrive at what is present day Albany before he turned around.  His voyage was used to establish Dutch claims to the region and to the fur trade that prospered there when a trading post was established at Albany in 1614. New Amsterdam in Manhattan became the capital of New Netherlands in 1625.

As part of this celebration a flotilla of NATO vessels visited New York City . These vessels, mostly mine countermeasure ships and some destroyers were participating in Standing NATO Mine Counter Measure Group 1 (SNMCMG1) exercises.   One of the ships was the Belgian Lobelia M921, which is a Tripartite class mine hunter.   I took a series of photos that I hope will be useful to anyone wishing to build the 1/350 or 1/400 scale kit from LíArsenal which contains decals for ships of this class serving in the French, Belgian and Dutch navies.

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Felix Bustelo