This is my build of the USS Onondaga, a twin-turret Union Civil War monitor. Attached to the James River Flotilla, she was involved in one major action. After the war, she was resold to her manufacturer, who subsequently sold her to the French Navy.

Onondaga-2ML.jpg (78645 bytes) Onondaga-1ML.jpg (66695 bytes) Onondaga-3ML.jpg (46186 bytes) Onondaga-4ML.jpg (69421 bytes)

The model is Lone Star Models's 1:192 resin kit. The sun shades over the turrets and the tarpaulins over the decks are plain bond paper stiffened with white glue and painted. The davits and extra boats came from the spares box. The funnel that came with the kit was solid resin and poorly formed, so I tossed it and substituted copper tubing. The crew is made up of model railroad figurines. If you look closely, you can see the sea and anchor detail finishing up, and amidships is a harassed seaman stowing away supplies.

Mark Leonard