These are photographs for my build of Lone Star's 1/192 scale Foote-class torpedo boat, USS WINSLOW, TB-5. USS WINSLOW saw action during the Spanish-American war, most notably at the Battle of Cardenas, where she was extensively damaged by shore batteries. Remarkable valor was present aboard WINSLOW during this action. Ensign Worth Bagley was killed in action and has since had four US Navy ships named in his honor. WINSLOW also produced three Medal of Honor recipients from this battle, Chief Gunner's Mate George Brady, Chief Gunner's Mate Hans Johnson, and Chief Machinist Thomas Cooney. The kit is essentially out of the box, except for lifeboats from the spares stash (when I built the model, I did not know the Winslow carried collapsible boats), and the platform surrounding the forward deckhouse for the forward gunners. The platform is made from card. The ladders on the side of the hull are made from strip styrene.

Winslow1ml.JPG (119827 bytes) Winslow2ml.JPG (108888 bytes) Winslow5ml.JPG (101952 bytes) Winslow3ml.JPG (99709 bytes)

Mark Leonard
Santa Rosa , CA