This is my MiniHobby Models (Old Trumpeter mold) 1/350 scale Prince of Wales project. I chose the MiniHobby Models kit because I wanted a waterline model and I didn't have the heart to saw a Tamiya hull in half. I paid for that privilege as nobody will ever confuse the fit of a MiniHobby Models kit to that of a Tamiya. Though not especially bad fitting overall the fit was poor in a few areas, especially where the deck sections mate. Other areas needed a good amount of filling and sanding as well. With a bit of effort, these shortcomings can be overcome. I started by drilling out all the portholes. I then chiseled off all of the molded on chains and ladders. The deck was painted Colourcoats Teak, then washed with Burnt Umber. Light random shading with a No. 2 pencil lead was used to simulate planking. I then added the following:

The water is made from Liquidex acrylic gel and the bow waves are made from Milliput clay. Rigging is stretched sprue and nylon paint brush bristles. Overall I would recommend this MiniHobby Models kit over it's Tamiya counterpart is you are looking for a slightly cheaper kit. But be warned that you will have to do some work to bring it up to Tamiya standards. If you want something that will build straight from the box, spend the few extra dollars and get the Tamiya kit. Special thanks to John Synder at White Ensign Models for his advice during this build.

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Ted Bunn