This is my R/C model of the U.S.S. Maine (Spanish American War). As some will know, the Maine was sent to Havana by President McKinley in 1898. On February 15th of that year, the Maine was mysteriously destroyed by a massive explosion. Theories still abound about the cause of that explosion, but regardless, the destruction of the Maine became the immediate cause of the Spanish American War, as the average American blamed Spain for the loss. The model is scratch-built in 1/96 scale. The hull is constructed of aspen using the "bread and butter" method. Most of the fittings, and all ship's boats have been molded in resin by myself, and the fittings that were purchased (anchors, bitts, etc) were purchased from Model Shipways Inc. The model took about 600 hours to construct over one year's time.

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Tim Quinlan