Here is my latest project. It is the 1:400 scale Russian protected cruiser Avrora. I am breaking off from Japanese ships for awhile and am venturing on other low budget stuff like this one, love that Squadron. The 1:400 scale cruiser Avrora is in circa 1917 fit. The kit is from Maquette but was designed by Heller for sale in Russia and has been reissued under different producersí names. The model was built mostly out of the box. Major changes were to the anchors, as two are scratch built, and the location of the anchor chain hole needed to be adjusted. The flag was hand painted and the photo-etch railing came from an inexpensive Eduards pack. One of the crewmembers temporarily defected with one of the motor boats. I am still searching for him. The real Avrora is now a Museum centerpiece in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Mario Grima