My earlier submission of U-181 was in fact the test bed for some techniques for this diorama. (Click for the U-181). One of my clients dropped off a Matchbox Corvette built up to the deck and superstructure, along with an Amati U 47 kit. It had been under construction for 2 years and the modeler had lost focus. During this time I had completed four 1:72 scale submarines from scratch. I completed the project in 7 weeks. U 94 had been depth charged by a U.S. Catalina. Forced to the surface she appeared right along side H.M.C.S. Oakville, much to the surprise of U 94's captain, Otto Ittes.

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The ensuing battle lasted 45 minutes it included 3 ramming attempts, the last of which was successful. At times the action was at such close range that the Oakville’s guns could not depress to hit their target. At this point off duty stokers on the Oakville pelted U 94's gunners with empty Coke bottles to suppress the U boats guns. Hal Lawrence led the boarding party well known for his book " A Bloody War". This model is destined for a museum and will be displayed with a World War II poster of the event autographed by Hal Lawrence.

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Les Sharcott