In the modern nuclear United States Navy, the only types of warships now on roll are either aircraft carriers or submarines. At one time however, there was another type, the CGN. Why did the navy decommission all CGNs? Who knows? What is known is that crewmen of the CGNs were a special breed and there are none more special than those proud veterans of USS Bainbridge CGN-25

When most people think of those hard-chargers who crewed the Bainbridge, they think of the crew ready for action at their battle stations. That is certainly true with the Bainies as seen from these photographs from an official USS Bainbridge CGN-25 cruise book. 

CGN-25 in Action
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However, there is another side to the Bainies. With all of those electrons, protons, neutrons and gamma rays flitting about, it took a special man to serve on this CGN. From the same Bainbridge cruise book that had the action photos shown above, here are candid shots of the crew that portray what it took to be a Man of the Bainbridge.

Meet the Bainies
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