Here are some snaps of the USS Mississippi CGN-40 in 1:350 scale. It is scratch-built other than the stand, boats, weapons, radars etc. sourced from the DML Ticonderoga kit. The ship is built mostly from Evergreen plastic card, though some hardened balsa wood was used around the lower hull such as the large bow sonar dome. It was completed in 2002 before I had internet access to suppliers of plans etc. and as such I made my own 1:350 scale plans from photos in books and magazines etc. I think the model is surprisingly accurate considering.

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I think the Virginia class CGN's are very handsome ships and I read sometime ago that the Soviet Kirov class were their attempt to copy the Virginia's but were so large due to the Soviet's inability to miniaturize electronics. USS Mississippi commissioned in 1978. At one stage, CGN42 on was going to be fitted with Aegis, but this vessel was cancelled in the late '70's. The Virginia class was designed as escorts for the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Art imitating life, this model looks great next to my 1:350 scale Nimitz model.

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John Sykes