My model of the USS Missouri is the post 1986 (modern) version. I started with a solid hull built bread and butter style. The scale is 1:175 which is very close to 1/16 of an inch. I did this because I was going to double the size of the Revell 1:350 scale model. I later found many problems with that and got some better drawings. The model is wood, brass and tin. It was the second time I have built this size model. On this model I used vernier calipers to measure everything. It is about 56 inches long. I started by carving the hull out of Kiln dried pine built up bread and butter style to prevent warpage. All the parts that are not wood are brass. To get better information I had to buy some good books about this ship. It was the 8th model I have built. I am now 56 years old and I had to use magnifying reading glasses this time.

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Donald Branscom