Ms shakedown 44 02.jpg (22952 bytes)
USS Missouri 1944
USS Missouri

Iowa Class Battleship

These National Archives photos show the USS Missouri during 1944 and 1945. Note the camo schemes and how they  extended to the deck surfaces. Also note how she barely fits into the locks of the Panama Canal. The beam of the Iowa class ships was limited by the size of these locks. The designers cut it very close.

These are all US National Archives photos. Most of them are very clear and some are even in colour. Compare Missouri's 1944-45 appearance shown here with her late 1980s fit as shown in the Warship photo tour

Ms NY July 44.jpg (55778 bytes)
At New York July '44
Ms shakedown 44 bow on.jpg (70095 bytes)

MS Summer 44 bow.jpg (19296 bytes)
Summer 1944
Ms NYC 30 July 44.jpg (30701 bytes)
NYC 30 July 44
Ms summer 44.jpg (29671 bytes)
Summer 1944
Ms shakedown 44.jpg (40791 bytes)
Shakedown cruise 1944
Ms Alaska Norfolk 45.jpg (59477 bytes)
Norfolk 1945 aside USS Alaska
Ms Mt Fuji 45.jpg (29578 bytes)
August 1945 with Mt Fuji in background
Panama canal Oct 45.jpg (133511 bytes)
October '45 squeezing through the Panama Canal
Ms Iowa Aug 45.jpg (86252 bytes)
August '45 aside USS Iowa
Ms Sagami Japan 30 Aug 45.jpg (55456 bytes)
Sagami, Japan 30 Aug 1945