Nisshin, along with sistership, Kasuga, were originally laid down for the Italian Navy (Nisshin as Roca) but were purchased by Argentina for use if war came with Chile. War was averted with a treaty between the countries. When Nisshin (now Mariano Moreno) was completed in January 1904, after the threat of war had ended, so the armored cruiser was sold to Japan, who was actively reinforcing her fleet for the impending war with Russia. With two eight-inch guns and fourteen six-inch guns on a displacement of 7,628 tons, the Nisshin was very powerful for her size. Nisshin was actively engaged in both the Battle of the Yellow Sea and Tsushima, she suffered significant damages on both occasions. Nisshin was expended as a target in 1936. 

Nisshin stern28.jpg (129923 bytes) Nisshin midships28a.jpg (136750 bytes) Nisshin bow28a.jpg (127079 bytes)

IJN Nisshin 1/700 scale by Modelkrak For Nisshin, I made a new funnel in alloy, new catwalk in photo-etched brass scrap and lots of blade work to sharpen detail.

All photographs were taken by Caroline Snyder and are the property of White Ensign Models.