The Tatsuta was a small, 850 ton, cruiser ordered from Britain as a reinforcement for the Imperial Fleet for the impending war with China. She didn’t make it to the conflict. She was on her way but was interned in Aden when the Sino-Japanese War began. She finally reached Japan in December 1896. Rerated a dispatch vessel in 1898, she was reworked and reboilered in 1903. Her original single squat funnel was replaced with three tall thin funnels. She also received heavier armament with 12 pdr QF replacing 3 pdr QF. During the Russo-Japanese War she ran aground on May 15, 1904 but was refloated and repaired. Renamed Nagaura Maru in 1918 to allow her prior name to be used for a Tenryu Class light cruiser, she became a submarine depot and repair ship. She was scrapped in 1926. (History from Conway’s All the Worlds Fighting Ships 1860-1905.)

TATSUTA stb bow overhead[1]17.jpg (57762 bytes) TATSUTA elevated stb[1]28.jpg (88253 bytes) TATSUTA with thumb[1]17.jpg (92808 bytes)

This model of the IJN Tatsuta is the 1/700 scale Modelkrak kit and reflects her appearance after her 1903 rebuild. I added new funnels in alloy tubing, added new platforms and scratch-built all awning stanchions in sprue. Railings are GMM ultra fine with GMM figures. Rigging is sprue with a lot of fiddling in general.