How many modelers have their work displayed under the wing of a genuine F4F Wildcat? Bill Waldorf does as his scratch-built USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68 is prominently displayed with a real F4F Wildcat as the overhead backdrop at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola Naval Air Station. The plaque on the base reads: "US Kalinin Bay CVE-68 – This handmade replica in 1/96 scale of the USS Kalinin Bay (A Casablanca Class Escort Carrier) was built for the USS Kalinin Bay / VC-3 Association. The Kalinin Bay along with its aircraft squadron VC-3 were part of task force unit 77.4.3 commonly known as Taffy-3. This vessel and her sister ships faced overwhelming odds against the Imperial Japanese Navy during the ‘Battle of Leyte Gulf’ on October 24-25, 1944. Although being struck by many large calibre enemy shells and suicide aircraft known as ‘Kamikaze’, the Kalinin Bay survived this, viewed by many as the greatest naval battle of the Second World War. The courage, bravery and sacrifice of this ship and her crew, and the members of aircraft squadron VC-3 will never be forgotten. Model donated to the US Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola on September 15, 2004. Model built by ‘Bill’ Waldorf – Lowell, Michigan / WMIPMS."

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