Brass Barrels in 1:700 Scale from NNT

Many modelers do not realize that there is an extensive range of brass barrels that are produced by NNT. The following photographs show nine of the types of barrels that are currently available from NNT in this ever increasing range of quality products. Most barrels have the muzzles bored out. The 5.9-Inch (150mm) and 6-Inch (152mm) guns appear to come 12 per bag, while the larger guns appear to be 10 per bag. However, check the NNT web site for the exact count per gun type. 

NNTBar6853one.JPG (102808 bytes) German WWI 11-Inch (280mm) - This is what you need for the Nassau, Von der Tann, Motke Class, Seydlitz and some Predreadnoughts

German WWI 5.9-Inch (150mm) - Most used as secondary armament of German capital ships

German WWII 11-Inch (280mm) - Used by Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Deutschland/Lutzow, Scheer and Graf Spee

German WWI 12-Inch (305mm) - Used by Oldenburg Class, Kaiser Class, Koenig Class, and Lutzow (WWI) Class

German WWII 5.9-Inch (150mm) - Used as secondary on capital ships and main armament on light cruisers and some destroyers.

British WWII 6-Inch (152mm) - Main armament for of host of RN Light Cruisers as well as secondary for some older battleships.

NNTBar6854two.JPG (89294 bytes)
NNTBar6855three.JPG (86580 bytes) British WWI & WWII 15-Inch (380mm) - Used by a host of Royal Navy capital ships and some monitors.

British WWI 13.5-Inch - Orion Class , King George V Class, Iron Duke Class, Lion Class, and Tiger all carried the excellent 13.5-Inch.

German WWII 8-Inch (203mm) - Hipper, Blucher and Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruisers carried this as main armament.

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