The latest kit from NNT Modell is the German Battlecruiser SMS Goeben. This multimedia kit (resin, brass, and stainless steel) also can be built as sistership, SMS Moltke. The ships did vary from each other in certain details and NNT provides the extra parts to construct either ship. This was the second class of battlecruiser for the High Seas Fleet, following the initial SMS Von der Tann and was significantly larger.  

Deck Plan
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Goeben had served two years under the German Imperial Flag, when in August 1914 she was in the Mediterranean. At the outbreak of World War One she steamed eastward and reached Turkey. Germany astutely made a gift of her to Turkey. Since the British seized the two dreadnoughts being built for Turkey (renamed Agincourt and Erin), Germany's prestige with Turkey increased greatly a the expense of the British. Renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim but still with the German crew and commanded by German Admiral Wilhelm Souchon, the ship sortied against Russia inspite of Turkey's neutrality. Goeben was instrumental in the declaration of war by Russia against Turkey. This act had tremendous impact in that it led to the closure of western support for Russia through the Black Sea and accordingly contributed to the deteriorating material condition of the Tsar's Army, eventually leading to the Bolshevik revolution. After serving  only two years under the German Flag, she went on to serve almost a half a century under the flag of Turkey. 

Hull & Larger Resin Parts
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Moltke had a much shorter but active career. She was with Admiral Scheer's Scouting (Battlecruiser) Squadron from the start and participated at Dogger Bank and Jutland. She met her end by being scuttled at Scampa Flow in 1919.

NNT has taken an unusual step in their production of this kit. The Goeben/Moltke is available in three different versions, Standard, High-Tech, and High-Tech Deluxe. The Standard kit contains all of the parts necessary to complete an excellent model, resin parts, stainless steel ship specific photo-etched fret, decals, cord for torpedo nets, steel rod for masts and decal sheet. Gun barrels are resin and there is no railing or inclined ladders. The High-Tech version contains everything included in the Standard kit but also includes brass gun barrels for the 28cm (11 inch) and 15cm (5.9 inch) guns, manufactured by Schatton Modellbau. The quality of these brass barrels fully match the high quality of Clipper brass gun barrels. Also included in the High-Tech version is Tom's Modelworks two bar railing with inclined ladders and standard ladders (Set #705). The High-Tech Deluxe version  includes everything found in the High-Tech kit plus a pre-stained hardwood base.

Available in Three Versions: Standard, High-Tech, & High-Tech Deluxe
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Smaller Resin Parts, Stainless Steel, Brass & Other Parts
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SMS Goeben, The newest NNT 1:700 scale kit built showing SMS Goeben as she appeared after she started flying the flag of Turkey as Yavuz Sultan Selim. The kit shows her in her early war form with torpedo nets and booms. Photograph of the completed model is from Norbert Thiel of NNT.
SMS Moltke, The newest NNT kit built showing SMS Moltke in her Post-Jutland fit, without torpedo nets and booms. Also varies from SMS Goeben in having more bridge platforms, different searchlight arrangement on first funnel and short cap on second funnel. Photograph of the completed model is from Norbert Thiel of NNT.

The NNT Modell 1:700 scale kit of the SMS Goeben/Moltke is available directly from NNT and other stockists.

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