The diorama features the SMS Radetzky moored at her buoy in Pola harbour. The Radetzky class was the last pre dreadnought battleships of the Austro Hungarian Navy. I like these ships because of their beautiful lines. The major parts of the Radetzky are from the NNT kit, a highly recommended kit. Gun barrels are turned from brass. A couple of photo-etched items helped to finish the model. On the finished model nobody will recognize it but there are all in all 200 figures on it. The small boats are all scratch-built. This is a typical harbour scene the only highlight is the visit of the admiral. The model appears in the olive green pre war colour scheme of the A/H Navy. It took me a couple of months to build this diorama and some whiskeys as tranquilizer.... but all in all it was fun.

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Peter Plattner