New Kits for 2004 from NNT


If you have been wondering what will be coming from NNT for 2004, well here is a look at four subjects. Actually it is three subjects as two kits are available separately or available together. 

NNT6850B98.JPG (94592 bytes) The B-98 was one of the large German destroyers of the High Seas Fleet designed to use the high power machinery ordered by the Imperial Russian Navy for sisterships of the exceptionally large and fast, Novik. When World War One began, the machinery destined for Russia was seized by the German Government.
The HMAS Sydney was one of several light cruisers built for the Royal Australian Navy by the British shipbuilding industry in the 1930s. The Sydney was known for her aggressive actions in the Battle for the Mediterranean. However, while checking on a suspicious merchant ship in home waters, the German Raider Kormoran, she was taken by surprise and fatally damaged. She apparently steamed  from the engagement and blew up in the night with no survivors. NNT6849Syd.JPG (104668 bytes)
NNT6848kor.JPG (102569 bytes) The largest of the German Merchant Raiders in use by Germany in World War Two was the Kormoran. This raider was most famous for her engagement with the light cruiser HMAS Sydney, in which Kormoran managed to get close enough to the far more heavily armed light cruiser, to score fatal damage in the first attack. It was also the end of the Kormoran, because Sydney was able to inflict fatal damage on her as well.
With this set, NNT has put together both the HMAS Sydney and the German Raider Kormoran as a Limited Edition. NNT6847SydKor.JPG (102066 bytes)