These are photos of my latest 1:200 scale scratch-built member of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Nachi uses pine and bass woods as the primary building materials. It is as it appeared shortly before its sinking in 1944. The model took about ten months to design and build. I used the Gakken monograph and Japanese Heavy Cruiser, Myoko Class, Building Ship Model and Research and all the photos I could find.

Nachi11PE.JPG (124902 bytes) Nachi12PE.JPG (129279 bytes) Nachi13PE.JPG (116272 bytes) Nachi14PE.JPG (103712 bytes)
Nachi08PE.JPG (121463 bytes) Nachi09PE.JPG (118027 bytes) Nachi10PE.JPG (126169 bytes) Nachi15PE.JPG (96570 bytes)

Paul Eisenberg