Here is a look at the barrels that Steve Nuttall will be producing for the upcoming HMS Victoria being produced by Commanders/Iron Shipwright in 1:192 scale. The 16.25-inch smashers for the forward turret are ready to go but the 10-inch gun in an open mount with gun-shield at the stern still needs a little more work. Steve says that more breach detail will be added along with trunions.

NuttallVic16.25.jpg (7423 bytes) NuttallVic10.jpg (5711 bytes)

For those who missed the photographs of the master pattern for the ISW Victoria, which was on display at the 2005 US IPMS Convention, here they are again.

Vend8240iswvic.JPG (11169 bytes) Vend8244iswvic.JPG (13330 bytes) Vend8242iswvic.JPG (14267 bytes) Vend8241iswvic.JPG (12625 bytes)