I don't usually build in 1/700 scale but I must say the OKB Grigorov Alfa attack submarine was a fun kit to build. The draft, emergency buoy and rescue hatch markings came of a 1/700 scale Soviet submarine decal sheet that Greg "Gunner" Stitz was kind enough to give me.  The rest of the markings are Micro Scale thin white line decals cut to size. This is a excellent little model with the only negative being the lack of decals.

alfaFB01.JPG (110706 bytes) alfaFB03.JPG (105729 bytes) alfaFB02.JPG (145153 bytes)
alfaFB05.JPG (98402 bytes) alfaFB06.JPG (100597 bytes) alfaFB04.JPG (111632 bytes)

Felix Bustelo
Big Apple M