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USS Oahu

Iron Shipwright
1:192nd Scale River Gunboat

Built by Fred Heil
Photographed by Peter Chow

Fred Heil writes:
I used the Iron Shipwright - 1/192nd scale USS Panay kit to build the USS Oahu. She is depicted in her 1938 paint scheme and configuration. I added some deck cargo and protective shielding (evergreen sheet plastic). I completed the sun canopy tarp supports by adding additional pre-war canopy supports and used tissue paper soaked in a white glue mixture so simualate the canvas tarp.  I also added  details such as elevation wheels to the deck guns using  "N" guage railroad parts. In other words, she's mainly built out-of box. This is an EXCELLENT kit (as usual) from Iron Shipwright and their products really don't need additional detailing; it's all there in the box. I think their products are the BEST on the market.

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