This one is the 1/400 scale Nagato from Otaki. I used a lot of photo-etch sets on this one, as the kit itself is lacking detail. I depicted her on her way to Leyte Gulf.

Nag511JS.JPG (65231 bytes) Nag425JS.JPG (78653 bytes) Nag508JS.JPG (55621 bytes)
Nag512JS.JPG (50382 bytes) Nag510JS.JPG (67273 bytes) Nag513JS.JPG (65649 bytes) Nag509JS.JPG (75696 bytes)
Nag419JS.JPG (77564 bytes) Nag423JS.JPG (64056 bytes) Nag422JS.JPG (70072 bytes) Nag421JS.JPG (71745 bytes)
Nag424JS.JPG (82390 bytes) Nag514JS.JPG (33229 bytes) Nag507JS.JPG (60940 bytes)

Jose A. Soca