The model of the PCE-877 is scratch-built in 1/96 scale and represents her configuration during the OKINAWA CAMPAIGN.  She displays the number 22 camouflage. White Ensign Model paints were used. Navy Blue 5-N (decks), Sea Blue 5-S (lower hull), Haze Gray 5-H (vertical surfaces), Norfolk Anti-Fouling Red 65A (hull bottom). Purchased parts are as follows.  Propellers (Raboesch), 40mm barrels (B&D Barrels), 40mm gun sights (Masterpieces In Miniature), stoker stretcher (Masterpieces In Miniature), blocks (Blue Jacket Shipcrafters). Extensive use of photo-etch technology was used in construction.  Artwork was drawn by myself and sent to a company named (Foto-cut).  Items include the following.  40 mm ammo rings, door and hatch handles, radar, eye bolts, round grating for open bridge, inclined ladder, window bracing for open bridge, guide brace for 20mm gun, detail for 3”gun floor detail, floor for life rafts, bracing for 3” gun tub.

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Extensive use of 2 part rubber  and  resin (Micro Mark) was also used.  This included masters and molds for the following.  Hull, super structure, 40mm guns, anchors, bitts, chocks, deck hatches, depth charges, k guns, life rings, life jackets, searchlights, storage boxes, stack and stack house, fire hoses, MK 51 gun director, 3” gun, pelorus, compass, doors, hedgehog bombs, lifeboat, life raft, 40mm ammo, 20mm ammo cans, rudders, 3”ammo storage boxes. Construction time was some 2000 hours over 30 months.

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Steve Kohls