I thought I would add my two penny worth to the thread that's brewing about full hull or waterline kits. Although I am an avid waterline fan, I must agree that it is sometimes easier to remove the hull bottom from a ship than to stick it on, unless it's a resin kit of course. The picture are of my latest build which is the old Panda 1:350 scale kit of Arleigh Burke. It has been gathering dust and stuff in a cupboard part built for a few years now, so I thought it time to get on with it and finish it off. With the White Ensign Models  photo-etch set of course and also the WEM Pro RHIBs and Bushmaster gun mounts. I also used the fine resin figures from our friend Jaques Druel at L'Arsenal. They take some beating and are easily adaptable. Back to the full hull/ waterline debate. As you can see, I much prefer and action shot rather than having it stuffed and mounted. A full hull does have it's uses though and I am still waiting for the right kit to come along that begs to be done in a dry dock. I have a few ideas but alas not the time unfortunately. I am still a Middle Watch modeler but then, I expect, not the only one.

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Peter Hall