The Models of the National Museum of Naval Aviation- I was fortunate to be able to spend three days at the Naval Aviation Museum, located on Pensacola Naval Air Station in this last week. This museum has the greatest concentration of US naval aircraft in the world. After taking over 700 photos, it will take some time before a very large inclusive article will be posted to SteelNavy. However, photographs of the many large scale aircraft carrier models on exhibit will be posted before their inclusion in the final article.  -Steve Backer-

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The first take off of an aircraft from a ship was in 1910 from the scout cruiser, USS Birmingham. There was no model of the Birmingham at the museum but the next significant event in US naval aviation was covered in model form. 

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On January 18, 1911 Eugene Ely landed his aircraft aboard a temporary flight deck erected aboard the USS Pennsylvania, Armored Cruiser, while she was anchored in San Francisco Bay. Ely ate lunch with the Captain and then took off. The navy was unimpressed with the event and called it a "visit". For this experiment the Navy had built a large wooden platform above the stern and aft 8-inch turret. 

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The model on display was built by Bill Emerson, completely out of match sticks, with the exception of the anchor chains, rigging and fabric items.