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USS Lewis B. Puller

Perry Class Frigates
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By Rob Mackie

Pictures of Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates
  Stark (FFG-31)
  John Hall (FFG-32)
  Curts (FFG-38)
  Doyle (FFG-39)
  Thatch (FFG-43)
  Rentz (FFG-46)
  Reuben James (FFG-57)
  Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58)
  Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60)
  Nicholas (FFG-47)
  McClusky (FFG-41)

Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7) class frigates are ubiquitous in the modern US Navy.  51 are currently in service with another 11 serving in the Australian and Spanish navies.  Designed to be mass produced using simple construction techniques, they have proven to be surprisingly robust, surviving multiple Exocet hits in the Persian gulf.

Primary armament consists of 32 SAM and 4 Harpoon missiles stored in a below-deck magazine.  Gun armament consists of a midship mounted 76mm dual purpose gun and a Vulcan Phalanx 20mm gatling gun (mounted above the hangar) for close-in defense.  Two SH-60b  ASW helicopters as well as towed sonar arrays comprise the anti-submarine capability.

Unlike many modern warships, Perry class frigates have a sleek, purposeful appearance that I find appealing.  At 445' long, 45' feet in the beam and displacing 3,600 tons, they are not insubstantial ships, and have proven to be well-designed and effective vessels.

Those of you wishing to model a Perry class frigate have several choices.  Skywave makes an excellent 1/700 Perry class frigate.  The kit is also marketed by Dragon and Revell Europe.  In 1/350 scale Blue Water Navy and Gulfstream (soon to be remarketed under the Classic Warships name) make excellent resin models.

I photographed the USS Rentz (FFG-46) in October 1996 during San Francisco Fleet Week.

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Exhaust stack
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Satellite positioning antenna
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Re-fueling gear & CIWS
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76mm gun
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SPS 49 long range air search radar
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Helo hangars
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Starboard side details
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Hangar deck
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Starboard side looking up
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Surface search and Tacan antennae
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Flight deck & SH 60 Sea Hawk ASW helicopter
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Mk 92 Fire control radar
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Stern & helo deck
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Lattice masts with radar arrays
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Life raft cannisters
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Surface search and navigation radar
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SPG-60 search and tracking radar
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Chaff launchers
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20mm Vulcan Phalanx CIWS
(Close In Weapons System)
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