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I built USS Samuel B. Roberts, an Oliver Hazard Perry class missile frigate, using the 1:350th Blue Water Navy kit. My client, a former commander, was quite impressed with the kit's quality and accuracy.

The model is built straight from the box (as the later, extended hull Perry class frigate) which is why I enjoy building BWN kits so much. Parts fit and casting were uniformly excellent, and this made construction very straightforward. My only addition was the deck markings, not included with the kit. The deck markings and hull numbers were from Gold Medal Models and were cut to fit the model.  I used Model Master enamels, my preferred paint. The vertical surfaces were done in Haze Gray by mixing MM Medium Gray 2 to 1 with MM Camouflage Gray. MM Gunship Gray was used on the non-skid surfaces, while the darker helopad surface required my adding black to the Gunship Gray. The deck markings were weathered by dusting with the surrounding deck color while the rest of the model was weathered using an oil wash with drybrushed highlights.  The rust stains were accomplished using chalk pastels.

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While the model comes with the full hull option, my client wanted it in the water and "under way."  So I put it in the water as the last step. The waves were made using Sculpey and covering the entire surface with Liquitex Gel Medium.   The "water" was then painted with acrylics and topped off with three coats of Future floor wax.

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