This is one of the PitRoad 1/700 scale Fubuki Type II kits, modeled as Ayanami 1942, at the time of the Guadalcanal campaign. Ayanami was sunk November 14-15 during the one of the ferocious, close range night battles with US forces. For this build, I did happen to use the kit marketed as Ayanami. Among the many changes made to improve the kitís accuracy: straightening the mine rails at the stern, actually used to hold depth charges, adding smoke generators at the stern and an RDF compartment under the searchlight, replacing the split depth charge rack with a single unit, using brass rod for the masts, adding mushroom vents, maneuvering lights to the rear of the mainmast and a degaussing cable. I used the taller of the two different sized (for height) funnels that comes with the kit as the first six of the Type IIs came so equipped, including Ayanami. The kit provided air intakes at the base of the funnel are oddly molded, representing neither version of the intake correctly. Ayanami had a hooded version, so it was necessary to add a strip of styrene around the rim of each intake. Main turrets and torpedo mount shields were modified as well. Painted in Kure Grey, hull red & IJN linoleum using Tamiya Paints.

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Though a subtle thing, one of the things that I have noticed in my research is that all sisterís aerial rigging is not the same. Beyond variations between the three subgroups, there are also variations within a group. Iím not sure why; perhaps the captainís prerogative? Anyway, Iíve tried to reflect that between my Fubuki sisters. Another point worth mentioning is that while the in-process photos for all my Fubukis show mount #ís 2 & 3 with brass stiffening braces, as the finished ships do not have them. I discovered during the build process that no IJN DD was so equipped until the advent of the Type D turret aboard the Yugumo class, and Shimakaze. Note: the body of the torpedo should be silver/unpainted metal, not grey.  (Editor's Note: The photographic labels should read 1942, not 1941.)

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Dan Kaplan