During my last visit home, I found models that were there since my youth. They were made something like 30 years ago! All are cardboard models of the Polish destroyers, which are my favourite type of ships, from "Maly Modelarz" or "Young Modeler" kits, with sometimes added parts made as per photographs or more detailed plans.

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Here you have ORP (Okret Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - Polish Republic Ship) Blyskawica, Grom I (Blyskawica's sistership) and II (ex Soviet Skoryi), Wicher (French Simoun class) and Warszawa I (Soviet Kotlin).

Grom I & Grom II
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The photographs were taken with great help and encouragement of my daughter Krystyna Devina.

Wicher & Warszawa I
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Michal Lason
Mumbai (Bombay), India