After about a year I finally got another ship model complete. The other one was the Revell 1/720 scale USS Enterprise CVN65. This is a modified Whidbey Island/Harpers Ferry Class LSD USS Portland LSD53 (never built). I had incomplete plans for the LSD and did decided to get it as close as possible. The hull is a Tamiya Oshumi LST and Arii Spruance Class bow... the superstructures are made of evergreen styrene. The LVTP-7s and trucks are from JAG Collective while the tanks, humvees, and LCAC are from the Tamiya set.

LSD53Abl.JPG (90215 bytes) LSD53Bbl.JPG (100468 bytes) LSD53Cbl.JPG (73225 bytes)
LSD53Fbl.JPG (67809 bytes) LSD53Jbl.JPG (102880 bytes) LSD53Kbl.JPG (89887 bytes) LSD53Lbl.JPG (84945 bytes)
LSD53Mbl.JPG (83163 bytes) LSD53Nbl.JPG (83722 bytes) LSD53Obl.JPG (82313 bytes) LSD53Ebl.JPG (90671 bytes)

Bert Legaspi