I chose 1:144 scale because it was the smaller scale in which to get aircraft and helicopter kits. The aircraft are the AV-8B Day Attack, and AV-8B ll + from Revell and the helicopter models of the SH-3H Sea King is from Sweet. I made the ship with wood sheets with 3 mm thickness. I saw the information to draft the ship dimensions on wood in a Spanish web site about ship models. I translated the scale picture in 1/720 to my scale of 1/144. I lined the wood structure with fine cardboard, later painted and varnished. I got the carrier crew by buying figures from train dioramas, more or less to 1/150 scale. The lines on flight deck are painted and made with colored paper cut with scissors. Others parts of this ship were made toothpicks and pencils for antennas and mast and I even used a deodorant wad in the process. All of the carrier is scratch-built except the aircraft and helicopters.

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Alejandro Garri