I've just completed the Regia Marina 1:700 scale Faa di Bruno which I bought at Telford last month. If you look back at the reviews in May this year, you will see Steve Backer's photographs and text for this lovely if not extraordinary little kit. Detail that really stands out over other naval vessels is the shape of the hull, it's like a sunken industrial building which, perversely, has a 15 inch gun turret mounted on top and a cabin, and chimney with a crows nest over the top. Adding to this industrial theme is the protection to the ship which is poured concrete around the sides in all slowing the ship down to a soporific 3 knots. This is a quick, fun build but with very sketchy instructions unfortunately. Some line drawings would be very helpful but referencing Steve's report has proven to be the most useful source I've found. My build is the WW1 version over the WW2 which shows a complicated camouflage scheme which you will have to interpolate to be accurate. The very dark grey scheme I'm left with has been toned down with MIG pigments which also brings out the 3 dimensional aspects of the fairly well detailed hull. If your choice is the unusual then this kit is for you.

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Peter Fulgoney
Lancing, UK 24/12/06